BJJ Rash Guard | MMA Rash Guard | No-Gi | GRUFF COMBAT: 'Way of the Warrior' Samurai Rashguard


Rock your dojo with this stunning black with subtle silver 'Way of the Warrior' Samurai rashguard shirt. The ultimate BJJ rashguard!

  • Note the exquisite detail of the samurai slaying his dragon. With the fierce carp of good luck on the back.
  • Contrasting logos and lettering on the front chest, arms and back.
  • Japanese lettering of Bushido (Way of the Warrior) down the arm.
  • High quality rash guard for years of hard use.
  • rubberized silicon waist-band to prevent 'ride-up' during your 'rolls'.
  • vented mesh under-arms to keep you cool.

It's a must have rashguard!

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