Gruff Combat

BJJ Rash Guard | MMA Rash Guard | No-Gi | GRUFF COMBAT: "Grappler's of the World Unite!"

$39.95 $49.95

This creative, fun, rash guard pays homage to all the ground fighters in the world through a tongue-in-cheek play on the Marxian slogan "Workers of the World Unite!".

 A truly original shirt design.

  • Super-creative, fun, original design!
  • Stunning rendition of old school agit-prop street protest design.
  • Bright right red, white, and black colors.
  • Unique sleeve art with powerful "Ground Fighter" red stripe down the arms.
  • Block pattern arm sleeves art list many of the ground 'arts' in block design.
  • A second agit-prop street art design on the back - with the Gruff Combat 'dragon' mid-star.
  • Lightweight compression material throughout
  • Specially designed 'pin-hole' mesh on sides under arm-pit for extra cool ventilation for those brutal 'rolls'.
  • Silicon rubber at waist band to keep from riding-up.

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