NoGi BJJ; and How to find the Best BJJ rashguards!

NoGi BJJ means rash guards! In fact much of Brazilian JuJitusu is moving this direction. But why rash guards and what to look for when shopping to buy the best rashguards for BJJ & MMA Fighters?

Three reasons rash guards are necessary:

1) Rash guards act as a protective second skin and as such help prevent ‘mat burns’ or rashes.

2) This protection, however, is not simply against rashes. The BJJ mat has lots of sweaty people with exposed skin. And that means the possibility of a highly transmissible skin infection is real. And BJJ rash guards can help limit such infections.

3) With todays compression fabric technology, rash guards can both aid in muscle efficiency and recovery, but they help keep you cool with evaporative wicking.

OK. So we understand WHY we need rash guards, but what to look for when you buy them?

1) FABRIC WEIGHT: There is some personal opinion here, because I prefer a mid-wight fabric. Heavy-fabric may provide better durability, whereas lighter fabrics keep you cooler. So do you want something cool or durable? For those who want BOTH, I suggest the compromise of a mid-weight fabric.

2) SILICON WAIST BAND: A BJJ shirt with a a silicon waist-band helps prevent ride-up. It’s that simple. You want your shirt to stay in place covering your skin and this certainly helps!

3) QUALITY MANUFACTURING: Often you get what you pay for. Buy a junk shirt for $20 and it may not last or perform as you hope. Go with a brand you trust.

4) DESIGN: Let’s face it, design matters! One of the great differentiators in BJJ or MMA rash guards - and frankly another aspect of the fun - is to show-off your style. Both BJJ, MMA, and modern mixed martial arts in general tends towards a little bravado and showmanship, and the rash guard is a great place to make a statement about who you are!

There are some great brands out there like Fuji, 99Designs, Venum, and Raven rashguards. One smaller USA based company with some great designs and quality worth checking-out is Gruff Combat. Whatever you decide though, keep these aforementioned basics in mind and you’ll have many happy rolls. Roll-on!